Sunday, September 19, 2010

Major Honey Brands Contaminated With Anti Biotics - Report

With  all major  brands  having failed  into  test carried by  Centre for Science and Environment ( CSE)  for presence of antibiotics . These brands  have reported to have antibiotics  which on  consumption could results in reduction of resistance  to antibiotics which in turn results  to blood related disease and  injury to the liver.

Brands that were found to be contaminated with antibiotics are

Dabur,Baidyanath,Himalaya,Patanjali,Khadi,Gold , Himflora , Mehsons , Umang and  2 imported brand  Capilano and  Nectaflor . Anit biotics like ampicillin , oxytetracycline ,ciprofloxacin  were found  in samples  were to have anit biotics from range 2- 5 numbers .

Only one brand  Hitkari  was found to be without  antibiotics .

These reports bust the myth that the  commercially produced honey was pure and natural products . Anti biotics are widely used by beekeepers  to keep  bee colonies from  any  disease .

At present  there no set standards for presence of antibiotics in processed honey  in India . But  by the standards of Export Inspection Council  these samples would have failed .

Sunita Narain  Director CSE   was of the view as international standards are very strict on these standards  products find there way into domestic market without any checks .

Source - TOI  dt 16 Sept 2010

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